Christopher Stuart

Registered Massage Therapist

Registered Acupuncturist


Christopher became a registered massage therapist in 2010 and before that has explored courses at Wilfred Laurier University for religion, culture, and philosophy and psychology. Christopher believes health is a dynamic process; you can't just rely on one area of health to be healthy. He believes a persons overall health can only be accomplished through a combination of good nutrition, exercise, a good nights sleep, and, what Carl Jung called, "individuation" or knowing your self fully, which Chris is seeking to achieve through mindful meditation.


Christopher's massage treatments differ from others in that he offers a variety of modalities that he can incorporate to each clients personalized treatment plan such as hot stones, contemporary acupuncture, ulrasound therapy, and MPS work. 


Overview of Skills/Tools:


-Myofascial Release        -Relaxation

-Deep tissue                   -Ultrasound

-Acupuncture (Contemporary and Traditional Chinese)                   

-MPS Integrative Pain Management

-MPS Scar Tissue Release   

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