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As the mask and other infectious disease prevention protocols have been lifted and clinics return to a more normal way of operating, some may have some uncertainty or questions.   

At our clinic, the use of masks during treatment will still be used when situations are appropriate for practitioners and/or their patients to wear PPE. 

Our clinic members have been advised to continue to use the PCRA to remain prepared for such situations, and use their best judgement to determine when masking should be used.   

This guidance also requires each health care worker providing care to suspected or confirmed Covid-19 positive patients to wear eye protection, gown, gloves and a fit-tested N95 respirator.   

Currently one of the colleges we operate under position remains that members should not provide in-person treatment to patients that are confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.   

Members may provide virtual care to these patients where applicable; however for in-person treatments, we ask that you please wait until your no longer required to isolate, as per Provincial requirements.   


If a client chooses to not wear a mask into the clinic they may do so if there is no suspected case of Covid-19.  We understand that some clients may still choose to wear a mask into the clinic and during treatment and are welcome to do so.  As well we respect the choice of our clinicians and staff members if they choose to wear a mask within the clinic.   


At Deep Roots we encourage clear communication of the clients request to remain masked for client and therapist prior to treatment.  Therapists will use their professional judgement to determine whether to collect Covid-19 information as part of a client's health history.   


As members of our community we recognize the empathy and understanding required as we transition out of this pandemic and back to a normalized life.   

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