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BioEnergetics Intolerance Elimination

What is BIE?

In a nutshell

BIE is a non-invasive technology that serves to identify specific substances that the body cannot recognize, and therefore aggravates the body, then normalize your body to them. This alleviates the body from the associated symptoms.

The Theory Behind BIE

It is thought that our body makes negative associations to substances during a period of stress. In other words, our bodies can identify a substance that it is exposed to during the period of stress as the culprit of the stress, therefore thinking that the substance is now “harmful.” These substances are known as "stressors." Once the body makes a negative association, subsequent exposure to a stressor produces an inappropriate response, giving rise to particular symptoms like rashes or hives.

How it Works

It is a 2-step process:

  1. Biofeedback analysis (muscle testing) is used to identify stressors that the body is unable to correctly recognize. These stressors are what currently aggravate the body and cause symptoms.

  2. BIE reintroduces the frequency of these stressors back to the body through electrical impulses. As a result, the body regains its ability to properly identify the substance, and no longer sees the substance as "harmful." The body can now react to the substance appropriately, alleviating the body of the associated symptom(s).

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